AMMP Professional

Tailored to ESCOs operating portfolios of energy systems

Minimize your downtime
up to 40%

network operations centre

Multiple viewpoints at your fingertips

Single point of real-time access to all systems in your portfolio. Zoom in and get a close look at details for an individual system. Or zoom out and see the big picture. Your choice.

Proactive issue resolution

Monitor anomalies to predict potentially emerging issues. Preventive maintenance for key components. Customized alerts distributed in real-time via email, Slack or through an integration with your favorite ticketing system. 

A single source of truth for you and your stakeholders

Track your performance

Benchmark the actual performance of your systems against your projections. Analyze trends in generation and consumption metrics over time. Better understand the cost structure of your energy flows through a detailed breakdown of energy sources.

Simplify commercial operations

Provide restricted platform access to your investors, clients and other stakeholders. A single source of truth for you, your end-clients and your EPCs. Easier execution and verification of SLAs and PPAs. Full transparency at your disposal.

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