Remote monitoring for your
renewable energy portfolio

Your entire operation in a single view

Centralized and real-time view of data from all your systems in unified dashboards for all your vendors and technologies. Visibility that enables your business model and empowers your technical and commercial operations teams.
reduce downtime noc network operation centre

Less downtime, more happy customers

Quickly resolve issues through smart anomaly detection. Track reasons for downtime. Proactively schedule maintenance. Extend lifespan of critical assets. Reduce costs by 30%.
alerts on Slack, Teams, WhatsApp

Tailor the platform to your needs

Set alerts for any parameter to be delivered to the right person via the right channel. Aggregated KPI reports available on your schedule. Give your client access to their personalized dashboard. Make the tool work the way you want.

How AMMP works?

Bring all your data together

Vendor and technology-agnostic. Process data from PV, battery inverters, diesel generators, smart meters and meteorological sensors. From all major vendors. No matter what, we have a way to get the information you need.
api integrations for huawei, tesla, victron, SMA, fronius, growatt inverters

Transform your data into insights

Mapping your data to a digital twin model produces a real-time snapshot of each system in your portfolio. Build a deep understanding of historical and future performance of each system on an individual and portfolio level.

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digital twin of your renewable energy operations

Make data-driven decisions

It could be your NOC team making decisions on a truck roll, your field technician troubleshooting an issue, or your commercial team evaluating performance-based service level agreements. We have you covered.

data-driven decisions

Learn how others have experienced AMMP

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“AMMP is a crucial tool in maintaining and operating our power systems across West Africa. It allows us to monitor all critical aspects of our operations in real time, enabling us to intervene immediately if and when necessary .”

Jasper Graf Von Hardenberg, CEO


"AMMP has been true partner for our project. They crafted a customized monitoring solution to suit Phocos’ unique needs using a foundation of open frameworks and standards. They have always been highly responsive, proactive and collaborative in their communication to address our requirements and challenges."

Alessio Alario, Phocos Product Manager


“One of the most appealing attributes of AMMP is their client relations; their willingness and availability to incorporate our feedback into their system for the creation of a bespoke solution for our company.
Through an iterative process, we now have a system that unifies data from all our sites and automatically generates reports; both for internal consumption and client circulation.”

Anne Gathoni, O&M Manager


“AMMP has not only been efficient, but also very reliable and time-saving. AMMP has quickly become the tool which most of our Operations processes now run on.”

Prince Ojeabulu, Head of Engineering Operations

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AMMP is used in 35 countries across the world

ammp is used in over 35 countries across the world