Monitoring For Portfolios Of Solar Systems

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce O&M costs for your renewable energy systems by giving your operations team a 360° view of your assets with real-time monitoring and alerting.


Asset Monitoring and Management Platform

Real-time Alerting

Alerts can be customized for any system parameter, allowing for multi-channel delivery via email, SMS, Slack, Zendesk, WhatsApp, or customized webhooks.

Improved Uptime

AI-Driven analytics provide smart forecasting & anomaly detection, delivering improved performance & extending life span of critical assets.

Reduced O&M Costs

Remote monitoring allows your operations team to efficiently manage a large portfolio of assets and reduce the need for frequent site visits.

AMMP Use Cases

AMMP supports a number of use cases relevant for off-grid, mini-grid, and grid-edge asset operators.


Cost-effective smart metering and payment integration solutions for mini-grid operators with a large customer base.

Energy Developers

Real-time portfolio monitoring for Energy Developers to meet demanding uptime requirements & reduce operational costs.


Remote troubleshooting and rapid incident resolution for Telco operators with hybrid and multi-vendor energy systems.



Over 500 systems across the world use AMMP


What is AMMP?

AMMP is a modern monitoring and management platform. It is targeted at off-grid, mini-grid, and/or grid-edge asset portfolios incorporating multiple vendors and/or technologies. AMMP helps realize end-to-end communication with devices at remote sites, either via vendor platform integrations or via low-cost open-architecture datalogger units. AMMP combines these data streams into rich visualizations, operational insights based on AI and advanced analytics, and real-time alerts. Proven security and internet-scale data management approaches are incorporated throughout the platform.

Do I need to install hardware or make modifications to my existing systems in order to use AMMP?

The answer depends on the system configuration(s) you would like to monitor. If your system vendor already offers a cloud solution with an API for all your devices, then AMMP can plug directly into that and will not require additional on-site hardware. This is for example generally the case with Victron systems. If the vendor does not offer monitoring, or you would like to monitor devices that are not covered by the vendor’s monitoring (e.g. irradiation sensors or smart meters), then you will likely need to install a physical data gateway (e.g. datalogger) locally at the site.

Our engineers are always happy to have a no-obligation consultation regarding how you can fulfill your monitoring objectives using AMMP. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

Which device vendors does AMMP support?

AMMP currently has direct API integrations with the following vendors:

AMMP Integrations 20190812

For other vendors the “AMMP edge” might be needed.

Can I use AMMP on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. AMMP’s web interface is responsive and designed to work just as well on mobile devices.

What are the target use cases for AMMP?

AMMP is for anyone running off-grid, mini-grid, and grid-edge generation assets or smart consumption devices who wishes to monitor and control them remotely. The three most common use-cases are mini-grids, energy developers focused on SME segment & operators of telco towers.

Who can use AMMP?

AMMP incorporates various user access permission levels, meaning that access segregation can be realized for e.g. installers, operators, performance analysts, and system end users. Regardless, AMMP’s web interface is designed to be intuitive and appropriate for any user group, without requiring special technical training – and in particular designed to provide straightforward system enrolment for non-technical users.

I am a system vendor or operator for third parties. Can I offer AMMP as a value-added service to my end customers?

Yes, AMMP can be set up as a white-label solution, with your own company branding. Your end customers can then access the platform to monitor systems that you install or operate for them. Please contact us for more details on the possibilities.

Does AMMP offer an API?

Yes. Where desirable, it is possible to directly interface with AMMP’s data store via an API endpoint.

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