Integrations & add-ons

AMMP integrates with a wide range of devices and technologies. Whatever the data you need to access remotely, we have a way to get it to you. To this end, AMMP supports both pure cloud-to-cloud API integrations, as well as data acquisition via our AMMP Edge data-loggers. 

We also offer highly advanced analytics and forecasting through product add-ons from industry-leading service providers. 

Data acquisition

API integrations — Bring your devices on board without any additional hardware. Get data from all your devices on a single platform with direct integrations for major brands.

Hardware — Add sensors, genset controllers, smart meters and hybrid plant controllers, with AMMP Edge. Monitor and manage all your assets from the AMMP platform. 

Software add-ons & analytics

Supercharge your monitoring and management setup with deeper insights into your operations. Extend asset lifespan, forecast production, and integrate with the tools of your choice. 


An affordable gateway device that takes remote monitoring and management to the next level. 

AMMP Edge gathers data in real-time from ALL your devices, regardless of the composition and size of the energy systems. It ensures a consistent flow of data during communication outages with built-in buffering and always delivers reliable readings.

We are always open to integrating with new vendors and technologies, please get in touch to learn more.