Our API connects you to performance and generation data across your system portfolio. It allows you to build data-driven functionality quickly and efficiently.

Remote monitoring

interfaces for end users, technical support,
and external stakeholders



remote monitoring and control

Core expertise working with


from solar PV, battery storage,
and thermal generation systems


implementation through use of
established data acquisition
and processing pipelines


solutions with flexible
visualization engine

The unified API for your renewable energy portfolio

Rather than working with different vendors and systems individually, code once and your application is instantly connected to multiple data sources. We take care of the upstream integration and ongoing maintenanceso you can focus on building a great app. 

Without AMMP
Without AMMP's Data API
With AMMP's Data API

Faster time-to-market

Rolling out new products and services can take a lot of time when you need to do end-to-end development involving many integrations.

With AMMP you can quickly bring your product to market – way ahead of the competition.

Save on development resources

Developing data infrastructure is expensive and complex.

AMMP takes over the technical complexity, providing you with a single access point to your data. 

You get consolidated credentials and a standardized, unified data schema.


Easy to maintain, without the curveballs

No unexpected breaking changes, expired certificates, and rate limits. 

Your team gets to focus on building products based on a rock-solid foundation, rather than fighting fires.

System configuration and control ​

Streamlined OEM relationships

Many vendors require setting up special commercial arrangements for API use.

Establishing and maintaining these with all of them is cumbersome.

AMMP does all of this for you; you only need to deal with one party. 

System configuration and control ​

Build faster, cheaper, and more efficiently, partner with AMMP today!