All devices. Real-time.

Enable real-time data acquisition and processing from all your devices, including sensors and generator modules. With in-built buffering, AMMP Edge also ensures a consistent flow of critical data during communication outages. 

Key features:

  • DIN-mounted 
  • Full remote provisioning and control
  • Local diagnostics interface
  • Open-source software and hardware

Request a live demo and learn how AMMP Edge can make your energy assets smarter and efficient.

Seamless integration

AMMP Edge takes vendor-agnostic monitoring and management to the next level. Get accurate and reliable readings from all your energy assets, regardless of system topology and technologies used. 

AMMP Edge is compatible with a range of connectivity interfaces and protocols:


  • ModbusTCP
  • ModbusRTU
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • SNMP
  • MQTT
  • CAN bus 
  • Raw serial
  • Raw Ethernet