Asset Monitoring and Management Platform

Real-time Alerting

Alerts can be customized for any system parameter, allowing for multi-channel delivery via email, SMS, Slack, WhatsApp, or customized webhooks.

Improved Uptime

AI-Driven analytics provide smart forecasting & anomaly detection, delivering improved performance & extending life span of critical assets.

Reduced O&M Costs

Remote monitoring allows your operations team to efficiently manage a large portfolio of assets and reduce the need for frequent site visits.

The AMMP Edge

Unified Monitoring

A centralised view of data from all your assets in a single, vendor-agnostic dashboard.

Real-time Health Status

Quickly drill-down through critical data and minimize downtime with real-time health updates.

Smart Alerting

Receive spontaneous system alerts on channels of your choice, including SMS, WhatsApp and Slack, for any parameter.

Comprehensive Reporting 

Fully customizable and automated report generation of performance metrics on monthly/quarterly basis.

AMMP Use Cases

AMMP supports a number of use cases relevant for off-grid, mini-grid, and grid-edge asset operators.


Cost-effective smart metering and payment integration solutions for mini-grid operators with a large customer base.

Energy Developers

Real-time portfolio monitoring for Energy Developers to meet demanding uptime requirements and reduce operational costs.


Remote troubleshooting and rapid incident resolution for Telco operators with hybrid and multi-vendor energy systems.

Remote Monitoring

Energy Developers are faced with increasingly demanding customer uptime requirements. Limited real-time asset health visibility and lack of near-site skills can result in expensive site visits.

How can remote monitoring help you meet these challenges while reducing operational costs?