Delivers value one system at a time

Data from battery and PV inverter

Customer-facing dashboards

Supports 10+ vendors

No additional hardware required

Up to 10 custom alerting parameters

Email tech support

Flexible user access

Exportable data (CSV)

Data retention (100 days)

Tailored to ESCOs operating portfolios of energy systems 

Unlimited systems

Data from grid, genset, battery and PV

Data from irradiation-, fuel-level- and temperature sensors

Vendor agnostic

Live data enabled by AMMP Edge

Unlimited custom alerting parameters

Digital Twin technology

Preventive maintenance

Automated reporting

Customer-facing dashboards

Ticketing integration

Email & WhatsApp (9-5) tech support

Unlimited users

Exportable data (API, CSV)

Unlimited data retention

Fully customised to your needs

All Essential features

All Professional features

Custom API development

White label solutions

Custom dashboards 

and much more…

Let's talk about how AMMP can work for you

Bring your previously offline devices online, with AMMP Edge