The monitoring and management platform for off-grid energy assets


Asset Monitoring and Management Platform

AMMP is an operations solution for portfolios of off-grid, mini-grid, and grid-edge energy assets. AMMP provides open and secure end-to-end asset connectivity, flexible data management, as well as advanced analytics, visualizations, and alerting. It is hardware-agnostic, with support for a wide range of devices from inverters and diesel generators to smart meters and irradiation sensors.

AMMP reduces O&M costs and safeguards your off-grid investments.

It has been evolved through years of on-the-ground use in operating complex assets in remote locations. AMMP has been instrumental for proactive issue detection, issue diagnosis and root cause analysis, performance optimization, and remote assistance during on-site interventions.

AMMP Features

  • Integration with range of device vendors including Victron, SMA, Schneider, Studer
  • Support for monitoring variety of device types, e.g. smart meters, irradiation sensors
  • System communication via vendor APIs and/or on-site datalogger
  • Integrated view across a fleet of assets
  • Vendor-agnostic visualization, reporting, and alerting
  • Geographic mapping of asset and grid data
  • Flexible access levels to match your organization needs
  • Aggregated reporting of performance metrics on e.g. monthly or quarterly basis
  • Automatic report generation and distribution
  • Automated system control capabilities based on flexible logic.
  • E.g. scheduled load shedding, or load shedding driven by battery state
  • Remote configuration capabilities
  • AI-driven analytics engine, including performance forecasting and anomaly detection
  • Alert generation based on any system parameter, including support for complex logic
  • Multi-channel alert delivery, including email, SMS, Slack, other instant messaging services, or customized webhooks
  • Fully standards-compliant communication interfaces with proven security protocols, such as ones that underpin online banking
  • Built up from proven open-source building blocks
  • AMMP APIs for direct integration with existing customer systems

Use cases for AMMP

AMMP supports a number of use cases relevant for off-grid, mini-grid, and grid-edge asset operators.

Multiple equipment vendors

Where hardware and software from multiple vendors is used, and unified monitoring and control can increase operational efficiency

Remote site locations

Where site trips to remote locations can be costly, and thus remote management is critical to keeping OPEX in check

Portfolio of energy assets

Where operations span multiple sites or multiple countries

Consumption monitoring

Where smart metering is used, and access to real-time consumption data is desired

Device connectivity

Where monitoring of devices that were previously offline is needed

Custom solutions

When an equipment manufacturer or asset operator wants to provide a white label monitoring solution for end customers


Eugene Masinde
Customer Service

AMMP has not only been efficient, but also very reliable and time-saving. Features like being able to multi-task by working with different software systems in the same place has made my daily work even more enjoyable.

Hendrik Broering
Operations Manager

AMMP allows us to monitor and control a variety of different power system components and technologies across several projects in one interface that greatly improved our mini-grid operations.


What is AMMP?

AMMP is a modern monitoring and management platform. It is targeted at off-grid, mini-grid, and/or grid-edge asset portfolios incorporating multiple vendors and/or technologies. AMMP helps realize end-to-end communication with devices at remote sites, either via vendor platform integrations or via low-cost open-architecture datalogger units. AMMP combines these data streams into rich visualizations, operational insights based on AI and advanced analytics, and real-time alerts. Proven security and internet-scale data management approaches are incorporated throughout the platform.
How do I get AMMP?

We are working hard to make AMMP available to everyone via our flexible cloud-based web portal – with subscription tiers to match a variety of use cases, from home users to large scale multinational asset operators. For the moment, AMMP is in pilot phase with key partners. Please contact us to discuss how AMMP can meet your needs, and to have our engineers evaluate your usage scenario.

What does AMMP cost?

We are committed to providing AMMP at a price point that results in a positive ROI and great value for users across all subscription tiers. AMMP is cloud-based which allows easy scalability and continuous feature enhancements while minimizing up-front investment. Please contact us to find out more about our subscription tiers as well as potential pilot projects.

Can I use AMMP on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. AMMP’s web interface is responsive and designed to work just as well on mobile devices.

Do I need to install hardware or make modifications to my existing systems in order to use AMMP?

The answer depends on the system configuration(s) you would like to monitor. If your system vendor already offers a cloud solution with an API for all your devices, then AMMP can plug directly into that and will not require additional on-site hardware. This is for example generally the case with Victron systems for example. If the vendor does not offer monitoring, or you would like to monitor devices that are not covered by the vendor’s monitoring (e.g. irradiation sensors or smart meters), then you will likely need to run the “AMMP edge” app locally at the site.

Our engineers are always happy to have a no-obligation consultation regarding how you can fulfill your monitoring objectives using AMMP. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

What is the “AMMP edge” app and how does it work?

The “AMMP edge” app runs locally at the site. It facilitates connectivity between the AMMP platform and on-site devices. It is required in situations where this connectivity is not already provided by another means.

The AMMP edge app is free software that can run on a variety of hardware, from low-cost single-board computers, to high-end industrial hardware. The main requirement is that the hardware running the AMMP edge app has the relevant communications interfaces required for monitoring of the desired on-site devices, e.g. RS-485. For direct deployment, we are able to supply suitable hardware with the AMMP edge app pre-installed.

What are the target use cases for AMMP?

AMMP is for anyone running off-grid, mini-grid, and grid-edge generation or smart consumption devices who wishes to monitor and control them remotely. This includes owners operating their own generation assets, service companies with portfolios of sites they wish to monitor and manage, financial backers wanting to track the performance of systems they’ve supported, or NGOs carrying out M&E for their energy access interventions.

Who can use AMMP?

AMMP incorporates various user access permission levels, meaning that access segregation can be realized for e.g. installers, operators, performance analysts, and system end users. Regardless, AMMP’s web interface is designed to be intuitive and appropriate for any user group, without requiring special technical training – and in particular designed to provide straightforward system enrolment for non-technical users.

I am a system vendor or operator for third parties. Can I offer AMMP as a value-added service to my end customers?

Yes, AMMP can be set up as a white-label solution, with your own company branding. Your end customers can then access the platform to monitor systems that you install or operate for them. Please contact us for more details on the possibilities.

I cannot have my data transmitted via cloud-based services or handled by third parties. Can I still use AMMP?

For use cases subject to restrictive data management requirements, we are able to implement AMMP with on-premises hosting, including a tailored support package. While a managed cloud-hosted solution offers numerous benefits in terms of flexibility and scalability, we appreciate that some customers will be operating under specific constraints and are committed to providing a highly-functional asset management platform that can fit those use cases. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Does AMMP offer an API?

Yes. Where desirable, it is possible to directly interface with AMMP’s data store via an API endpoint.

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